The Catch and Release Experiment wouldn’t be possible without the help of some very generous friends. Support these folks- they’re tops:



SmallsAwning Possibly the greatest jazz club in the world, and long-time supporters of the band. Go and hang out there- we do!


1597085_730734503604088_788582617_oAndrew Swift at Sound Engineer, drummer, guitarist, and all around top bloke, Andrew does all the sound for Catch and Release, from recording to mixing and mastering.



Ace photographer and saxophonist Yuki Tei, at Yuki takes great live jazz photos, and also took those ridiculous Fish pics…


4882195_orig Vandoren reeds and mouthpieces. If you’re a saxophonist or clarinetist, use this gear.



Istanbul Agop cymbals: Dan uses these, and they sound great!

The Band:

Dan Aran:
Jeremy Manasia:
Dave Baron:
Tadataka Unno:


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